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About Me

I am a photographer based in Windsor, Ont. I also design and build custom picture frames from reclaimed wood and other materials. I have a passion for all types of art and I am a big supporter of the arts community.
I am an art & service photographer, my services include families, couples, grads, events, businesses, products, head shots, events, weddings & much more! 
As for my art, I love to shoot concepts photos, lifestyle portraits, music, street, travel & more! All of my art photos can be scene throughout my website & all my work is for sale with or without my custom frames.
 I live and breathe photography, it is my absolute passion. I like to get very creative when I shoot and come up with cool concepts and ideas to create very appealing and artistic photographs that separate myself from the rest and attract attention. I take great pride in all my work and always try to get the best result I can no matter what it is.

Some things I am a part of as a photographer:
*Voted as one of the top 3 photographers in Windsor by the Windsor Independent magazine for two years in a row 2015/2016
*I am a contributor at Getty Images
*St. Clair College Photojournalist of the Year two years in a row 2015/2016
*Member of The Creator Class

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